DNM Volcano USD-8S Mountain Bike Fork


Bad ass inverted forks made popular like companies like white brothers racing.  For electric bikers this can give your bike an awesome mean look and 8 inches of front suspension.

3 adjustments – Spring Preload, Rebound, and has a Air Pressure Adjustable Chamber also.

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The DNM Volcano USD-8S Mountain Bike Fork is a high-performance suspension fork designed for rugged terrain and aggressive riding..... Here’s what you need to know about this popular mountain bike component:


* 32mm stanchions with a tapered steerer tube for improved stiffness and responsiveness
* 15mm through-axle design for increased strength and stability
* 80mm of travel to absorb rough terrain and obstacles
* Adjustable compression and rebound damping for customizable ride feel
* USD (Ultimate Suspension Design) technology for optimal performance and durability
* Compatible with both 27.5 and 29-inch wheels


* Improved handling and control on challenging trails
* Enhanced comfort and reduced fatigue on long rides
* Increased stability at high speeds and during hard braking
* Customizable ride feel with adjustable compression and rebound damping
* Durable construction with high-quality materials and components


* Higher price point compared to other mountain bike forks on the market
* May require more maintenance and adjustments compared to other forks
* Limited adjustability options for some riders

Comparison to Other Mountain Bike Forks:

The DNM Volcano USD-8S Mountain Bike Fork is considered a high-end option in the mountain bike market, offering premium features and performance. Here’s how it compares to other popular mountain bike forks:

* Fox 34 Float Performance Elite: This fork offers similar travel and adjustability options as the DNM Volcano, but with a slightly lower price point. However, it may not be as stiff or responsive as the DNM Volcano.
* RockShox Pike Ultimate: This fork offers more travel (160mm) and a wider range of adjustability options, making it a good choice for more aggressive riders. However, it may be heavier and more expensive than the DNM Volcano.
* SR Suntour Aion 35: This fork offers a more budget-friendly option with similar features and performance to the DNM Volcano. However, it may not be as durable or long-lasting as the DNM Volcano.

In conclusion, the DNM Volcano USD-8S Mountain Bike Fork is a top-performing suspension fork that offers excellent handling, comfort, and stability on challenging terrain. While it may come with a higher price point and require more maintenance, its premium features and customizable adjustability make it a great choice for serious mountain bikers.

Weight:3.6 KG ( 2.26 lb)
Wheel size: 24 / 26 / 27.5 inch
Travel:203 mm ( 8 inch)
Steerer tube:28.6 mm (1.13 inch) 1-1/8” to 1.5” (Taper)AL-7075
Drop out/Crown material : Forging, AL-6061
Outer Tube:42 mm / AL- 6061
Inner Tube:35mm / AL-7075 Dark Hard Anodized
Down tube: 20 mm ( 0.79 inch ) Axle x110mm Thru-axle Design AL-7075
Features:Inverted fork
Inner structure:Coil
Adjustments:Preload / Rebound / Air Pressure Adjustable
Barke type:Disc only ( Post mount)
Riding style:DH

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