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Color Options: Black | Silver | Blue | Purple Feel the difference in your rides as you ride the lightest Sur Ron X Bike, the light bee x, which has the greatest.
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Color Options: Black | Silver | Blue | Purple

Feel the difference in your rides as you ride the lightest Sur Ron X Bike, the light bee x, which has the greatest power-to-weight ratio in the off-road electric dirt bike category. BuilteBikes now offers the 2023 Light Bee X versions (upgraded mid-2022) with an enhanced 60V/38Ah battery, updated ride-by-wire throttle with dual hall sensor, and reworked, stronger handlebar mount.

These 2023 Surron Light Bee units are brand new and come with an MSO.

Part dirt bike, part motorcycle. Part mountain biking. It’s all electric. BuilteBikes now sells it.

The Surron Light Bee X is premium electric technology accessible today, with 6 kW of electric power, up to 100 km of cruising range, a peak speed of 46 mph, and a curb weight of under 56 kg.

Because of its accessibility, edgy design, absence of emissions, and noise-free riding, the Light Bee X has become an international craze. It’s one of the key innovative designs that has kept Sur Ron bikes at the forefront of the market. sur ron light bee x in stock!

The lightweight aluminum chassis of the 2023 Sur Ron Light Bee X is combined with off-road suspension engineered exclusively for this electric platform. It’s also simple to control and navigate, even for inexperienced riders. Experienced off-road riders, on the other hand, will be pleased by the Light Bee X’s ability to conquer difficult trail obstacles. Order sur ron light bee x

The Light Bee X is here to provide limitless fun in the dirt, with a climbing ability of over 45 degrees, a range of up to 100 kilometers, and a quick charge time.

NEW FOR 2023

  • 60V/38Ah battery (new for 2023 models)
  • New ride-by-wire throttle with dual hall sensor (upgraded mid-2022)
      • Revised, stronger handlebar moun 

The Electric Light Bee SUR-RON X packs a ton of fun for all terrain riding. 60V and more than 6kW of peak power from a removable Panasonic Lithium ion battery pack. Forged light weight alloy frame combined with hi-spec components. 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear. LCD dash with USB charger point. Best sur ron light bee x!

Powerful yet nimble and with a climbing ability of over 45°, it offers hours of near silent fun with a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge (depending on Eco or Sport Mode). Top speed 45 mph, and usually charges in about 3 hours with a powerful 10A charger. Buy  sur ron light bee x!


Motor Type: PMSM
Mounting Position: Mid
Weight / Motor External Diameter: 7.0kg / 180mm
Motor Axial Length: 130mm
Peak Efficiency: 95.60%
Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
Controller Type: X Version Sine Wave
Dimensions: 240mm x 110mm x 50mm
Peak Efficiency: 98.50%
Power Modes: Eco and Sport
Rated Voltage: 60V (DC)
Rated Power / Peak Power: 3000W / 6000W
Rated Torque / Peak Torque: 10.2Nm / 39.00Nm
Motor Shaft Output Torque @ 1000RPM: 35.40Nm
Rated Rotation Speed: 4300rpm
Peak Efficiency: 97.8%
Range of Efficiency (≥80): 1.4Nm – 21.5Nm
Gear Ratio: 1:7.6
Transmission: Primary Belt & 420 Drive Chain
Belt Brand & Model: German Continental Brand, 8M CXA
Horn: European Standard Horn
Battery: 60V 32A Lithium Battery with 176 Panasonic Cells
Battery Life Time: 500 Cycles (and then the capacity reduces step by step)
Battery Charge Level: Integrated Battery LCD Display
Charger: 10A
Charging Time: 2.5-3.5 Hours
USB Connection: USB-2.1 A Single Socket
Speedometer: LCD Digital Speedometer
LED Headlight & Rear Light: Yes
Chassis – Swing Arm Material: No. 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy
Chassis Construction Method: Forged by 6000 Tons of Pressure
Chassis Surface & Colour Processing: Anodic Oxidation
Front Suspension: Inverted Suspension Fork with 8″ Travel
Rear Shock Absorber: DNM TR Suspension Link System
Wheel Type & Size: Spoke Wheels, Front/Rear 19 x 1.4 Alloy Hubs
Tire Size: Front/Rear 70/100-19 CST
Top Speed: 47 MPH 73KMH Varies depending upon load and gearing
Net Weight: 47kg plus battery
Max Load: 100kg (15.75 Stone)
Max Climb: 45°
Rear Sprocket: 48T
Side Stand: Yes with kill switch
Vehicle Dimensions: 1870mm x 780mm x 1040mm
Min. Ground Clearance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Seat Height: 84 to 88cm

36 reviews for sur ron light bee x

  1. Dan

    Perfect as always

    shipping was lightning fast and everything was in perfect condition. Thank you!

  2. Anthony Dave

    Top Quality machine! Most every nut & bolt torqued, checked and marked the way it should be.

  3. Cody Walker

    The bike is the new model with orange Stickers not the yellow so I was even more happy when it arrived. Great bike I love the model 2023.

  4. Andrew Brad

    It was easy to assemble, haven’t dialed suspension in yet but it’s unreal fun to ride. 84 kmh top speed by its speedo and responsive and quick enough in sport mode to punish the suspension on my flat track.

  5. Kingston Moquin

    Very good thank you. Great Shipping and delivery service well packaged and secured.

  6. Collin

    Fast Shipping and Super Helpful Customer Service

    I bought a Sur Ron Light Bee X. It shipped the same day and was delivered to me in two days. If you’re on the east coast, shipping will be fast. Was so stoked that it came so quickly. Upon receiving it, the bike was in great condition other than a stripped bolt in the axel. I contact customer support and they sent me out a replacement axel right away. Super pleased with this team!

  7. Chris Wisocki

    Aostirmotorshop not only delivered, but kept me in the loop and delevered early! The Sur Ron is an amazing dirt bike that performs well above expectations. Love your work Aostirmotorshop!!!

  8. jonathan apgar

    excellent customer service!!

    we received our bike and with in two day the motor had a noise , Called chad and had no problem replacing it ! we have already brought another bike from him and we will probably purchase more in the future. Thank you again for the smooth transaction.

  9. Morice

    2023 sur Ron light bee x black edition

    Alfred is the man excellent communication. Wanted an aftermarket part I couldn’t find anywhere Alfred had it delivered for me within 3 days!

  10. Matt

    Great communication and fast shipping

    Preordered on 5/10/22, received, 6/2/22, about 5 days after they shipped my order. Asked a series of questions through their chat tool and all were thoroughly and promptly answered. Bike arrived in perfect condition with the kke forks and orange stickers. Would highly recommend aostirmotorshop for anyone looking for a Surron. As for the Surron review itself, its worth every damn penny. Everyone that test drives my surron immediately wants to buy one.

  11. Michael

    Fun bike and a great shop to work with

    I liked the fast communication and willingness to answer my questions. Helps when you are planning to drop 4k plus on a bike I’ve never seen in person or rode before. Shipping was very fast and at a good rate. Will be back to order all my mods I plan for this bike. Very fun bike to ride. Mine had the new software. Pulls very smooth all the way to the speed cut.
    I can’t believe how quiet it is.

  12. Gilb Rodriguez

    Super excellent product

    Excellent product and BEST seller super recommend.

  13. Tripptree alex

    Great Stuff

    Good Company Great Stafff!!!!!

  14. Ryan

    Custom Help

    I MUST say this company aistirmotorshop has the best support i have ever seen, They got me on the phone fixed my bike and made sure everything is okay now.. I will be Buying another bike from them In Sept My bike hits 60+KPH now..

  15. Mathias alain

    Better than I thought

    The bike is absolutely amazing. Blown away by every piece of it. The look, the shocks, the tires, the battery size, the torque, the ability to switch modes so easily, man, what more could you expect in an E-bike. Could not be happier!

  16. Benard Chappell

    Very satisfied

    Could not have asked for a better, faster experience! Talked to Chad Monday afternoon and the dirtbike showed up Wednesday morning! Incredible

  17. Manny Paulin

    Smooth transaction

    If your in doubt about ordering from here don’t be. Communication was solid and had my Sur Ron within a week and a half they are from California and I’m in Colorado so completely opposite side of the states. Only place I could find different colors as well which was a plus. Definitely would buy again!

  18. Eddie Romero

    Omg Amazing!!!

    First of just wanna say I was little scared to order from Built Bikes didn’t have a lot of reviews but man my Sur Ron came in 1 week!!! I put it all together with in 30min pretty easy and let me tell you stop reading this and go buy the Sur Ron from here! Excellent service and amazing bike! Every day now I just go out and rip the bike it’s hands down the best part of my day! I’ve been driving it literally everywhere! Thank you again aostirmotorshop you got my business for a lifetime now!

  19. Aston Martin

    The service they provide is getting hard to find and this is our second Bike we have bought off them. They always look out for my satisfaction.

  20. Jammy Harris

    Every time I have asked a question or needed assistance, Aostirmotorshop respond so fast and nothing seems to be to hard or an issue for them.

  21. Steve Martin

    Its quiet and a lot of fun, there is lots of info on Sur-ron on Youtube and Forums to learn more about how good this bike is.

  22. James Smith

    The bike arrive fast and well packed, assembly was easy and quality I found faultless. The Sur-ron is powerful and I cant find any hills that it cant tackle.

  23. Luke Davis

    The build quality is beyond what i imagined, such a well made bike. Always a pleasure dealing with Aostirmotorshop.

  24. Stand Dave

    Sweet bike, is everything that I wanted. Could do with more power so I’m upgrading the controller to double the power as I weigh a 230lbs maybe should save up for storm bee.

  25. Paul Skyle

    Received my Light Bee X Last week. (March 2023). Few changes from last model. New brake calapers with green anodised accents.

  26. Ronald Clinton

    Great fun zipping around tracks through the bush on the farm which includes some pretty steep climbs.

  27. Nike Antonio

    There was an issue with the bike when it was delivered and it had to be returned. There was a replacement available, shame as I know the bike is pretty well received and great quality but had to be returned.

  28. Gordon Barnes

    Nice and quiet for mustering the sheep. Plenty of power, especially in sport mode, lightweight and easy to handle. Good quality build.

  29. Ruben Susa

    Very nimble bike that you just want to do silly stuff on. All in all quality product. Loving it. And shipping was fast despite being just after February.

  30. Perth Glen

    The bike is running well and so far is everything we had hoped.

  31. Sam Crawford

    Got the bike here delivered at the exact time for my birthday. It’s awesome!! Thanks guys

  32. Beau Johansen

    Motorbike arrived promptly and was securely packaged. Set-up was fairly simple though would have appreciated a ‘quick-start’ guide to simplify process.

  33. Duck Ramsay

    Bike is amazing, even better than I thought it would be. Haven’t had this much fun in years trying to wheelie with friends.

  34. Danny Rice

    The power, ease of use, simplicity to transport and battery life are all big pluses at the moment. Here is to hoping it will also stand the test of time.

  35. Franky Jong

    I’m 35 had motor-cross bikes for years,
    I ride my light bee x to work and back daily and it’s so much fun!!!
    Silent so it isn’t an eye catcher but when you get it up on the back wheel with no noise the traffic still standing love it !

  36. Joe Montana

    the bike is light enough to lift over the odd dead fall or under wire fences with ease. the bike is supper quiet and does not disturb live stock, dogs or the odd bush walker.
    great fun, well worth the investment.

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