Warp9 Kickstand Surron X Segway X260

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This is an adjustable Kickstand for the Surrons Spring Pin which is shorter than OEM kickstand to allow it for wider tires and more clearance Mid Adjustment fits Surrons with a 19/16 wheel and the Full Adjustment Fits Surrons with a 21” / 18” Wheel combo’s.

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A Movable Kickstand for the Surrons
Spring Pin is more limited than OEM kickstand to consider more extensive tires and more freedom
Mid Change fits Surrons with 19″/16″ wheel combo’s
Full Change Fits Surrons with 21″/18″ Wheel combo’s
Briefest change fits Surrons with as little as 16″ wheel front and back.
Super amazing Machined Steel turn head with lightweight rounded steel body and aluminum Foot
Incorporates a spring puller to reuse the OEM kickstand spring
Magnet in head so you can hold the kickstand lockout assuming you run it...

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8 reviews for Warp9 Kickstand Surron X Segway X260

  1. Rockmond Dunbar

    There are some reviews claiming this kickstand is the same height as stock. That is incorrect. That dude assumed he still needed Allen bolts in all three holes. You don’t. You just extend out to the furthest reach and use one Allen bolt to keep the piece together.

  2. Wayne Carl

    Literally exactly as sturdy as if you had all three bolts. I’m bewildered that the dude couldn’t figure this out. Top notch product

  3. Robert Knepper

    Reference to OEM: The bike barely stands by itself with the OEM kickstand and 14in supermotos. The JFG kickstand adjusted to 3 holes out would be the equivalent to the OEM kickstand, give-or-take 2mm. This kickstand would work for 12in wheels also.

  4. Marshall Allman

    Fantastic quality every bit as good as the $150+ kickstands out there, fit and function is perfect with my 19” custom wheels on the most extended setting with all 3 screws in place.

  5. Paul Adelstein

    This kickstand is gorgeous!! Fits beautifully on my Surron and works wonderfully with my new 14in supermoto minis! Purchased with the intent for the ease swapping from mini wheels to my OEM 19in off-road wheels.

  6. Amaury Nolasco

    The action is way quieter and smoother than the stock stand as well. I recommend my only regret is that my bike gets more attention with the gold stand than I thought! Not good it your trying to not get your surron stolen.

  7. Robin Tunney

    Be careful when you remove springs under tension from anything as this will be the hardest and more dangerous part of install. This is not a product flaw it’s general knowledge.

  8. Wentworth Miller

    Install is easy and important upgrade if you’re adding peg spacers, adjustable so your bike can stand.

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